How do I apply fake eyelashes?

Think fake eyelashes is only for the pros? False! With these easy-to-follow steps anyone can apply fake eyelashes, and keep in mind that practice makes perfect:

– Chose something flexible at a medium length.

– For beginners I’d recommend an overlapping fan pattern for the lashes.

– Make sure the eye makeup is completed with liner prior to lash application.

– Paint the band of the lashes black before applying to the eyes.

– Use Duo Adhesive to apply the lashes and use a thin amount, which should be about the same thickness as dental floss.

– Allow the adhesive approximately 12 seconds to become tacky before applying.

– Tilt your head back and keep your eyes open looking into a free standing mirror when applying lashes.

– Start in the outer corner and slowly pat the lashes down moving inwards.

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