How do I get perfect eyebrows?

I think eyebrows show more emotion that any other feature on the face. Your surprise, sarcasm and seduction are all portrayed by your eyebrows. Here are some easy do’s and dont’s when maintaining your brows:

– Don’t remove hair from the top of the brows because you’ll lose your arch.

– Don’t have the brows waxed if you use a retinol product because it will remove skin.

– Do ensure that the beginning of the brows start where the nostril lines up with the inner part of the eye. The eyebrow should end where the nostril lines up with the outer part of the eye and the arch or highest part of the brow should be where the nostril and the iris line up. The beginning and the end should also be parallel across.

– Do fill in with a colour that matches the darkest point of your hair using either a matte shadow or a brow pencil. There are also brow mascaras available to keep the hair in place or to highlight the hair. You can also mix and match to see what works best for you.

– Do try and keep the arch strong and solid until the end but keep the beginning soft and wispy.

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