How do I wear red lipstick?

Those gorgeous movie star red lips have been iconic in beauty for the better part of a century. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Paige, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Scarlet Johansson are known for those classic red lips but red lipstick should not be relegated to just the celebrity world. Anyone can wear red lipstick no matter your make-up skill level.

The choices with the red lip look are endless. There are many shades of reds out there like crimson, red wine, blood, cherry, flame and more. These shades all have the same base but have a variety of tints or tones like blues, browns, burgundy and oranges. You can even get a variety of textures and consistencies like matte, satin or sheer.

Don’t forget the lip liner

The most important part of any red lip is the liner. The liner will give you more control, a cleaner edge and longer wear. For dark lipsticks make sure that the pencil is a bit darker for a more opaque edge. For sheer red lipsticks you can do either a natural liner to promote a soft stained look or pump up the colour with a strong red pencil.

If you’ve never worn red try starting with what I call a ‶beginner red″, which is a soft stain of colour you can wear until you get used to it. I’d recommend MAC Lady Bug Lipstick and a natural liner (depending on your skin tone) like MAC Spice Liner.

Simple tips for perfect red lips:

– Apply the liner first. Take your time and start in the centre using little strokes to ensure the lips are balanced. If you’re not used to pencil start with a natural colour to learn.

– Apply the lipstick with a lip brush to ensure a thin layer for a more natural look and smoother texture.

– Take a step back and look in a mirror to double check that the lips are parallel and straight.

– Feel free to reapply the liner after the lipstick if you need it.

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