Quiz: Will he propose?

Will he propose to you soon? We’re no mind reader but your partner will be giving some definite signs if they’re getting ready to pop the question. So aside from digging through all his stuff to find the ring, here’s another way to find out if you’re about to get a marriage proposal.

1. Honestly, how serious is your relationship?

a. You’ve been dating for a while and things are pretty serious…most of the time.
b. He likes his space and to have his own time, especially with his guy friends. He’d definitely rather hang out with them than with you.
c. You couldn’t imagine your lives without one another.

2. The topic of marriage comes up between you and your man:

a. Once in a while but it still appears to makes him a little uncomfortable.
b. Never! He’d run screaming if you ever mentioned the “M” word.
c. Almost every single day, we’ve done pretty much everything but set the date!

3. Has he met your family?

a. He’s met them all once or twice and doesn’t seem to be in a huge rush to meet them again.
b. God no. The thought of meeting my parents sends chills down his spine.
c. Hundreds of time. But lately he’s been spending a lot of quality time with your dad….hmmm.

4. What is his opinion on children?

a. He wants them….eventually.
b. Children? You mean like those crazy, drool-laden, screeching things that make him cringe?
c. He’s already picked the name of the local little league team he’s going to coach with your sons.

5. What were his past relationships like?

a. He had a few serious ones, and a few not so serious ones.
b. That depends what qualifies as a “relationship”….
c. He’s always been a serial monogamist. He likes his relationships long term and when he knows there is no future, he’s gone in a heartbeat.

6. His last major expensive purchase was:

a. A trip to Cancun with you….and another couple.
b. A 42″ plasma television, complete with surround sound and an X-Box.
c. He hasn’t made any lately. He’s been pinching his pennies, saving for a rainy day….or something like that.

Mostly A’s: Maybe he will, maybe he won’t…

“It isn’t an overnight transition for guys to go from ‘wanting to one day get married’ to ‘actually being ready to get married’,” says Matt, a 31-year-old from Toronto who proposed to his girlfriend of six years in October. But just because your guy isn’t raiding your jewelry box to get your ring size doesn’t mean he won’t be ready one day. “I went through a lot of emotions to get to the point where I was ready including a complete fear of being with one person forever and a whole lot of ‘maybe I will, maybe I won’t’ moments. It was a very indecisive time in my life. But once I was sure, I was 100% sure.”

Mostly B’s: He’s just not that into you…

“I have a lot of friends who are so far from ever being ready to settle down,” says Matt. “Being a guy I can see all the signs but a lot of girls can be too hopelessly romantic to see it.” Warning signals that he’s not ready to commit include a reluctance to “classify” exactly what your relationship is, constantly picking time with his buddies over time with you, and putting his own needs (see X-Box purchase) ahead of yours.

Mostly C’s: Get ready for those four big words…

“When I knew I was ready to marry my fiance my entire world changed,” said Matt. “Suddenly I stopped thinking of her as my girlfriend and more as the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Now there was no fear when we talked about our future, like discussing about what we wanted for our wedding and what we were going to name our kids. I thought she sensed it too but she was so surprised when I did finally pop the question that I guess maybe she didn’t.” Maybe now you understand why him and your pops are so chummy after all…

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